The IoT World in motion

What you need


You need an innovative RF solution compliant with various protocols: LoRa, Sigfox, Wifi, Bluetooth


You need a customizable and secure solution with private LAN servers or cloud, private frequency bands and so on


You need an autonomous Iot solution to geolocate, manage information flow and drives all my data, very easy to hide anywhere


You need a plug and play solution which operates with my information system, equipment, legacy interfaces and protocols

3 Solutions


Get connected wherever you are

EasyPod is a simless autonomous solution. Just plug EasyPod to your existing solutions, and play !
EasyPod collects, manages and drives all your data. Thanks the compact Easypod solution, you can geolocate all kind of products or people.

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The communications world in motion

Easyflow is An ALL-IN-ONE new M2M solution.
Esayflow is a range of solutions, offering a reliable, data secured environment where the Internet of Things (IoT) and PMR beneficially converge.

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The most extensible IoT solution

Your PMR network and your IoT applications require flexibility and customization.
With the EasyConnect Solutions, we meet all your needs. EasyConnect is the most powerful, interoperating, reliable, secure and customizable solution now available in the IoT Market.

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If you are an industrial company, a manufacturer, a local authority, or an independent software vendor (ISV), you knocked on the right door. Our solutions are suitable whatever your product and your activity area!

The Fields of Application

transport and mobility

Mobility and Transportation

  • Geolocation
  • Alert messaging
  • Lone worker monitoring (hazard/flipped over vehicle)

SEE solution: EasyPodEasyConnect

smart cities

Smart Cities

  • Traffic monitor
  • Remote street lighting management system
  • Water network management system

SEE solution: EasyPod, EasyFlow

industry and manufacturing

Industry and manufacturing

  • Pipes and data uploading (SCADA)
  • Industry process control
  • Remote maintenance, CCTV
  • Machine & automate alert messaging

SEE solution: EasyFlow, EasyConnect


Energy and power

  • Smart power usage monitor
  • Oil, Gas and water networks
  • Water leak detection and alarm
  • Remote weather stations

SEE solution: EasyFlow

indoor areas and open to public places

Indoor and public places

  • Presence sensors
  • Fire detection and warning
  • Liquid level transmitters
  • Door/windows opening sensors

SEE solution: EasyPod



  • Management of abnormal/oversize loads
  • Monitoring in tunnels
  • Containers geolocation
  • Tarmac supervision

SEE solution: EasyFlow, EasyConnect

waste management

Waste management

  • Monitoring of waste pickup services
  • Waste pickup optimization: e.g. detection of rubbish levels in containers
  • Monitoring of recycling process

SEE solution: EasyConnect



  • Environment risks management
  • Monitoring of air and water pollution levels
  • Measurement of electromagnetic levels

SEE solution: EasyPod

Other activities

  • The Easy range of solution is open to new horizons
  • Whatever your activity area, the Easy range of solution meets all your needs, call us!

SEE solution: EasyPod, EasyFlow, EasyConnect

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