The most Extensible IoT solution

  • Geolocalisation
  • Alert messaging
  • Lone worker monitoring (hazard/flipped over vehicle)
  • Monitoring of waste pickup services
  • Recycling Process Control
  • Pipes and data uploading (SCADA)
  • Industry process control
  • Remote maintenance, CCTV
  • Machine & automate alert messaging
  • Management of abnormal/oversize loads
  • Monitoring in tunnels
  • Containers geolocalisation
  • Tarmac supervision


Why EasyConnect is unique and different?

  • Compliant with PMR VHF/ UHF Regulations, and various protocols: LoRa, SIGFOX, WIFI, Bluetooth, WAN, USB, UART, Private radio networks.
  • Long Range Communication up to 30 km
  • Wide band transmitter power: up to 10,000 messages/day
  • 6 and more analogic input connectors


How EasyConnect is powerful?

  • Operates with your information system and equipment
  • Upload your own application, or use the preloaded embedded software
  • Uses Private Frequency bands
  • Includes database, monitoring, data visualization tools, plus preset additional security components
  • Supports absolutely private LAN Servers

Use Case

A public transportation company uses EasyConnect.

To keep high quality of service to its users, a bus operating company in large cities has been using EasyConnect, so to deal with various data such as localization, traffic, real-time driving directions, ticketing, passenger counting, queueing etc.

Additionally EasyConnect uploads video and audio streaming for CCTV.

All EasyConnect features

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