The communications world is in motion

  • Pipes and data uploading (SCADA)
  • Industry process control
  • Remote maintenance, CCTV
  • Machine & automate alert messaging
  • Traffic monitor
  • Remote street lighting management system
  • Water network management system
  • Management of abnormal/oversize loads
  • Monitoring in tunnels
  • Containers geolocalisation
  • Tarmac supervision
  • Smart power usage monitor
  • Oil, Gas and water networks
  • Water leak detection and alarm
  • Remote weather stations


Why EasyFlow is unique and different?

  • Compliant with PMR VHF/ UHF Regulations, and various protocols: LoRa, SIGFOX, WIFI, Bluetooth, WAN, USB, UART, Private radio networks.
  • Long Range Communication up to 30 km
  • Wide band transmitter power: up to 10,000 messages/day
  • 6 and more analogic input connectors


How EasyFlow is powerful?

  • Operates with your information system and equipment
  • Upload your own application, or use the preloaded embedded software
  • Uses Private Frequency bands
  • Includes database, monitoring, data visualization tools, plus preset additional security components
  • Supports absolutely private LAN Servers

Use Case

World’s electricity leading supplier drives medium voltage switches on distance to relieve lines during staff interventions, line loopbacks and network resilience.

Use cases of Easy solutions in the industry are wide, various and customizable, from on distance factory’s waste management to energy equipment driving…

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